Our Preparedness Response Plan

*Our plan, below, Meets CDC and CAL/OSHA Guidelines.

*Please note that Westwind Sound’s ADR Stage is SAG-AFTRA approved.

There are so many things to worry about these days… but your Audio Post work should not be on that list. Westwind Sound is open, and we’re here to help.

The health and safety of both our team and our clients are our first priority, and you can be assured that we’ve implemented the steps needed to welcome everyone back to Westwind Sound.

That said, if you’d like to keep up with your project and our team remotely, we continue to have everything in place to support that as well.

Below are some of the changes you can expect to see around our facility, and steps we’ve taken to ensure your safety and security at Westwind. If you have any questions at all about our response, please let us know immediately.


General Hygiene, Preparedness, Precautions

  • Hand sanitizer stations installed throughout facility.
  • All individuals entering the facility will be required to have face coverings and will be encouraged to utilize them in the proximity of other people.
  • Gloves and masks will be available from Westwind Sound as needed.
  • Social Distancing to be strictly observed.
  • All areas utilized during work periods to have cleaning/sanitizing performed every 2 hours.
  • Nightly cleaning of entire facility.
  • Daily temperature checks of employees and guests will be made and recorded.
  • Verbal screenings of all employees and guests will be conducted inquiring about current status of potential COVID-19 symptoms. Individuals with suspected symptoms will be sent home.
  • Limiting visitors to need only basis.
  • Eliminate or minimize vendor traffic during work hours (unless for emergency repair).
  • Maintain separation in workspaces to conform with social distancing guidelines.
  • Lounge area restricted to no more than 3 individuals at a time, with appropriate distancing. Outdoor lounge area, with appropriate distancing, available for breaks/meals as well.
  • Lunch schedules will be staggered to the extent possible.
  • No community shared food products allowed.
  • Food preparation within facility for clients will no longer take place.
  • Non-essential personnel to be restricted from areas not part of their job description.


Re-Recording (Audio) Stages

  • Re-Recording Stages – two mixers allowed for session with adequate distancing at the console maintained.
    • Clear plastic dividers available to be installed between mixers.
  • ADR Stage, Principle Recording – Only talent allowed in “live room” and one ADR mixer allowed in separate control room.
    • 30 minutes will be scheduled between sessions to facilitate sanitization of the “live room” prior to next actor’s session.
  • Foley Stage – one foley artist allowed on stage and one foley mixer in separate control room.
  • Limit client(s) on stage to the minimum required. Remote monitoring systems will be available for clients to work remotely.
  • Stages to be sanitized prior to and after sessions, with strict avoidance of non-operators touching or handling equipment during the session.
  • Any mechanical breakdowns will require all stage personnel to vacate the stage while technicians restore operations. Areas will be re-sanitized prior to stage crew returning.


Sound Editors

  • Editors will be requested to work remotely.
  • Editors needing to work at facility will be under strict guidelines to remain in one-person edit rooms with doors closed at all times.